No Profit…Why Not?

Everyone business needs to profit, to remain viable in the marketplace. So, why are some businesses profiting and others aren't? This question can have multiple answers, but I will only address a few. Some business owners are great "Creatives", which means that they can create great products and services, but they do not know how … Continue reading No Profit…Why Not?

Hobby vs. Business

Some of the frustration we may be facing, may be the result of not clearly defining our goals and developing an actionable plan. When we are sporadic about our life, then the results we experience will be sparing trickles and sprinkles, laced with inconsistent periods of momentum. The question we must ask ourself is: Do … Continue reading Hobby vs. Business

Everything you’ve ever heard about “Lead-Generation” is wrong!

Are you ready for a Surplus of Profits? Are you ready for a Surplus of Clients? Are you ready for a Surplus of winning marketing strategies, that can help you Fail-proof your Business? If you are ready for surplus that will propel your business to a six-figure business, checkout the videos at, and begin … Continue reading Everything you’ve ever heard about “Lead-Generation” is wrong!

Coaching Master ToolKit

  "One of the biggest challenges leaders face is how to keep their team engaged so their company can thrive. If you are an Executive Coach looking to help more leaders, then check out this no-cost ‘Engage and Mobilize Employees’ Masterclass. You’ll receive a step by step toolkit of everything you need to help leaders … Continue reading Coaching Master ToolKit