6-Steps to Attract Your Dream Client

Almost everywhere you turn there is someone offering a solution or a system. I will admit, that there is no one-size fits all magic system. It is essential that every business finds their sweet-spot. The sweet spot is the nectar, that draws and attracts clients to their business as bees are drawn to the sweetness of honey.

Today I will share some practical steps with you to help you define your ideal client, and help you attract more clients so you can have the business you desire.

“Every business owner wants a business that thrives, and affords them financial freedom, and gives them the ability to serve at a higher level, and support causes to strengthen or orchestrate change in the community.”

A business is unable to survive without clients. So here are some things I’ve discovered that will help attract ideal/dreams clients:

  1. Seek to Understand the needs and wants of your clients.

This is important because so many times, as business owners, we think we know what is needed and we begin to put products and services together and promote them without doing adequate market research.

What are people complaining about in the marketplace?

What are the pain points?

What needs or wants are not getting met?

How can your business fill the gap?

How can your business solve the problem?

How can your business specialize or become the go-to source for clients?

2. Become an avid student by Studying your market.

“The person who educates, studies, and applies themselves the most becomes the expert.”

3. Identify opportunities and create solutions.

The crucial question to ask, is what can I provide to meet their needs or wants? Is this something that exist, or does it need to be created? Is there an issue of quality? Is there an issue of service? Is accessibility an issue? Assess the issue, so you can clearly state and solve the problem.

4. Package your product or services.

So now you understand, studied, and identified the needs or wants of your client, and located the gaps (opportunities), and you have winning solution that will get viable results; now you are ready to package and price your product or service.

“Always price based upon the value, that your clients will get from your solution.”

5. Connect by creating presence, connect by adding value, connect by staying in touch and in communication.

Locate your clients hot hangout spots, and begin to add value, and develop organic relationships. If your clients are at meetups, chamber of commerce events, social media, or etc. Meet your clients where they are.

“Seek to get to know, and not to sell.”

Allow your services to sell themselves. When you see an opportunity or need share wisdom and insight. Be confident. When you give, there will be return.

6. Propose solutions, and deliver results.

When people reach out, connect with them identify the problem or challenge and provide solutions. Track your results, and promote the results because it shows, and reflects the quality of your work.

I hope these steps were helpful. Our desire is to help you Grow B.I.G (i.e. broaden your reach, increase your impact, and generate more growth) in your business.

If you found this helpful, feel free to leave a comment. If you would like a free “Business Breathrough” call, contact us and we would be happy to help you develop a winning action plan.

Debbie Harris, MBA, CLCS

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