How to increase sales and generate repeat sales?

If you want to remain viable in the marketplace, you must continue to court your clients. The relationship you have with your client must be two-fold: transactional as well as relational.

There must be a mutual exchange of value and service.  Businesses that continue to provide service, value, and consistently nurture a relationship with their client; will have return business, referrals, and reviews that draw more people to their products or services.

The initial contact with a new client should consist of an offer of service versus solicitation. When a business offers something of value first the customer is able to see the necessity for the product or service that is being offered. As business owners, we must meet clients at their point of need and offer solutions that will solve their problems. 

There are three things every business needs to attract clients:

  1. Confidence
  2. Concern
  3. Consideration 

“Credibility can be built, but confidence must be demonstrated.”

A lack of confidence, causes a potential client to be apprehensive in purchasing your product or service, because they are unable to determine if they can trust your business to deliver on its promise. Confidence is essential, so be confident in your ability to service the clients needs and that will help you build trust throughout your interactions. 

“Don’t be so distracted by your own interest, that you neglect the needs of your client.” 

It is so important to keep the client’s interest at the forefront and think of new ways to serve their needs. When you show interest you are demonstrating concern.

In addition to confidence, and concern it is also essential to give consideration. When a business neglects to consider their client’s time, investment of money, or interest the relationship becomes fractured and it negatively impacts the potential for an initial or repeat sale.

Admittedly, selling products or services can be intimidating when we lack full confidence or assurance in our ability to deliver what the client needs. What the client desires most is authenticity, and they do not expect us to be perfect, but they need to trust that the business has the capability to deliver and help them achieve their desired results.

When your business continues to hone its craft, deliver service, and results; there will be a continuous reservoir of sales.

If you need assistance increasing sales in your business, we would be glad to help.

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Much Success,

Debbie Harris, MBA

CEO-Deeplaunch Innovative Solutions 

Associate Writer of Six-Figure Magazine

Associate Writer of Today’s Purpose Woman Magazine 

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