How to Turn Your Website Into a Lead Magnet?

The truth is many businesses have the tools they need in the palm of their hands, but they are neglecting to utilize the tools to their full potential which equates to a poor return of their investment. Marketing can cost a ton of money, and many organizations are just throwing money at the problem hoping the problem will correct itself.

After reviewing many of my clients websites, I’ve discovered that many lack a unique market dominating position, which serves to speak directly to their ideal client, and separates each business service and product from the pack. When a business does not harness it’s uniqueness and speak directly to their clients’ needs it loses the opportunity to meet a need and to gain financial return.

Many businesses are not using the tools in their hands, because they are distracted by the “next shiny new thing” syndrome. It is so important that we as business owners begin to establish systems and processes, and once we find the system that works, we can add to its refinement; but we must not completely abandon what was working for what may or may not work for our business.

Every business is unique, so the same methods that worked for one business, does not mean that it will work for another business. It is extremely important that businesses define their “ideal client”, and really focus on studying their market and their clients needs, so that they can continue to service the clients by developing products and services that adequately meet the clients needs. The funny thing about needs, is that they are always changing for the consumer. 

Once the business has identified their market dominating position, and clearly defined their ideal client, then they can begin to craft messaging that speaks directly to their clients’ pain-points, and provide solutions to get them the results they desire. 

The website must not read as a resume, it must speak to the visitors specific needs. Content is vital to the effectiveness of your website. 

The website serves as mode of transportation for the visitor, getting them where they need to go, anticipating their desired destination and offer service, solutions, and results.

“The website is not just a cute design or fixture, it is the vehicle that connects you to your client and it provides a solution to get the prospective client to their desired destination.”

If people leave your website, without getting the answers they seek your website is not working to its optimal potential. The goal is not just to get traffic, it is to to serve, convert, and build a lasting relationship through the exchange of value. 

I have several websites currently, and this one is a work-in-progress, while the other ones are lead magnets and providing massive value to those clients that need to get more leads, more conversions, and generate more profit for their business.

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I hope this post was helpful. Please feel free to share comments and feedback

Much Success,

Debbie Harris, MBA

Business & Marketing Strategist

CEO & Founder of Deeplaunch Innovative Solutions

Associate Writer of Six-Figure Coaching Magazine



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